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Between Alarm and Wonder for the Most Unusual Airports

There are some airports around the world that require an uncommon degree of composure on the part of the pilots. Between landings in the globe’s highest mountain ranges and those just a few metres from a beach or facing a cliff, there are big challenges for those who have our lives in their hands. So […]

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The Internet and Space – It’s All a Question of Altitude

By philanthropy for some or greed for others, providing access to the internet for the whole planet has become the new goal for the world’s greats. From Musk to Wyler and Pichai to Zuckerberg, ideas abound to increase the number of earthlings connected as well as to increase the bandwidth. High versus low altitude At […]


The Space Hotel – Soon to Be a Reality With Orion Span?

The background music of the space hotel replays regularly, but ever more ambitious projects are quickly being aborted or abandoned and the wealthy tourists disenchanted. But what about Orion Span? The project seem to be sufficiently advanced and sound to become a reality by 2022. Here is what tomorrow’s travellers could expect from the Aurora […]


Emerging and Developing Countries Are Shooting for the Moon

The Moon, which had its hour of glory during the Cold War, seems to be back in fashion, after having been shunned for nearly two decades. Today, Asians are not hiding their ambitions to conquer our natural satellite both for scientific and economic reasons with, in the background, political stakes.   Great challenges for China […]


Blue Origin – a First Space Tourist By the End of 2018?

April 28, 2018:  8th successful launch of the New Shepard rocket of Blue Origin, the space company of the founder of Amazon. With this new success, the goal of Jeff Bezos to send tourists to space is about to be accomplished… not to mention the technological feats related to the purpose-developed internet.     New […]

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Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Service of Aeronautics

Virtual and augmented reality has well and truly reached top speed since the well-known Sensorma of the 1960s that let you have your first immersive experience and the Eye Tap of the 1980s whose monocle displayed virtual information. Today, this market, with a potential of 120 billion dollars, resonates particularly well in the aeronautics and […]


Colonization of Mars by the United Arab Emirates – Mirage or Miracle?

Aware that their economy should no longer be based solely on oil revenues, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have begun to look to the stars, or rather Mars. By setting itself the disproportionate goal of settling a habitable colony there by 2117, the country not only wants to play in the big leagues but especially […]


Aerospace: Morocco or the Enticement of Foreign Equipment Manufacturers

North Africa intends to play a major role in aerospace. In line with Tunisia, which had developed this sector before being caught up in post-Arab Spring unrest, Morocco was able to take advantage of this attraction and promote its political stability and geographical proximity to Europe to meet a growing demand from equipment manufacturers.   […]


Outlandish solutions to control space debris

Faced with the inevitable and disturbing increase of orbiting space debris, the international space community is redoubling its efforts and ingenuity to find solutions to reduce it and avoid any collision with these artificial objects by our satellites. Let’s take a look at the state of space pollution before looking at the solutions, from the […]


Women airline pilots stay on course

On March 8, the date for celebrating International Women’s Day is not a coincidence but rather a tribute to Raymonde de la Roche, the first woman in the world to have obtained her pilot’s licence in 1910. Today’s women can in turn follow a slipstream facilitating access for all those women who dream of taking […]


Nanosatellite: the infinitely small in the service of the infinitely large

Big, small, micro, nano, pico, femto… the family of satellites never ceases to amaze us. Originally designed by the academic world, the nanosatellite has seen its fame grow with the explosion of microelectronics and the arrival of new players. Here is a brief tour of its peculiarities, and a history of its launches and its […]


Is there finally an exit ramp for the circular runway?

Are we at the point of finding a solution so that the ambitious project of Henk Hesselink, Dutch researcher, to build circular airport runways comes to pass? Despite the positive effect on the fluidity and safety of traffic as well as on the environment, the project has been buried since 2014. A short lap around […]

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