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When aerospace inspires other industries

Synonyms of robustness, efficiency and lightness, technological innovations in aerospace make a number of industries pale. This is why, naturally or forced, there are more and more bridges between these industries and aerospace. Brief overview of the automotive, mining and health sectors. Aerospace and automotive: a history that stands out In the period of more […]


Fierce competition for the return of the supersonic aircraft

Concorde nostalgics might have something to smile about: flights of supersonic aircraft will be announced within a few years by various companies from all over the world. Since the Great White Bird bowed out in 2003, the supersonic market is experiencing lively competition, has to overcome complex challenges and is displaying ambitious goals.   A […]


Electric aircraft – the race is on

Airlines and aircraft manufacturers are mobilizing to be able to respond to the growing cost of jet fuel, the increase in air traffic and the environmental objectives set by the Paris agreement. Electrical and hybrid power represent technological avenues that can meet these challenges. Before we look at ambitious hybrid or all-electric projects, first let […]

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Dare to apply without having all the qualifications !

Employers are increasingly demanding with regards to the skills of administrative employees. However, it is quite rare for a candidate to have all the requirements. Here are some tips of what to emphasize when you decide to apply without having all the qualifications. Zaïda B. Mangones, employability consultant at the Club de recherche d’emploi de […]

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When the competition is soliciting your talents

When the competition is soliciting your talents – With the glitter of a contract that is better than your current one, it’s an attractive offer. But before seizing this opportunity, there are some major details to consider. Here are the main ones. The first thing to do is to know whether your employment contract contains […]


New wings for the Kangaroo road

A new milestone is emerging for the Kangaroo Route, which has come a long way since 1947 – four days and seven stops to link Australia with the United Kingdom. In the spring of 2017, Alan Joyce, CEO of the Australian Qantas Airways, launched a challenge to aircraft manufacturers: design an aircraft capable of flying […]

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Ambitions and challenges ahead for the conquest of Mars

The conquest of the planet Mars is well underway around the world. The United States, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Russia, China… all are redoubling their energy and strategies to be the first to put a satellite in orbit around the Red Planet, to send a first unmanned mission and, the Holy Grail, to put […]


When aerospace bets on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than a buzzword. Having become a reality in aerospace some time ago, it is growing exponentially today thanks to partnerships with universities. What are they? What are the aerospace sectors that will benefit from artificial intelligence? What obstacles do companies have to overcome?   Researchers and engineers at the service […]


Will your plane have a pilot in 2027 ? Shortage of Pilots in the Canadian Aeronautical Industry

Will your plane have a pilot in 2027? To meet global demand, airline companies currently hire dozens of pilots every day! Do you dream of being a pilot? That bodes well how do you become a professional pilot and what are the real job prospects? Reports from CAE and Boeing, released in the summer of 2017, […]


Continuing acquisitions: UTC acquires Rockwell Collins

September 2017, United Technologies Corp. For 30 billion dollars (including debt), UTC purchased equipment manufacturer Rockwell Collins, which itself had finalized, a few months earlier, the acquisition of B/E Aerospace. What are the characteristics of this transaction? Why are there so many purchases, alliances and mergers in the aeronautics industry?   A transaction to make […]

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Impacts of aerospace challenges on employment

The Canadian aerospace sector has enjoyed a decade of growth with a net creation of jobs (20% since 2004), while the manufacturing sectors overall lost 400,000 jobs. However, it is essential to remain vigilant in the face of new challenges. What are they? What candidate profiles are sought?   The new challenges of aerospace Even […]

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7 Myths and Realities of Flight Attendants Job

It makes little girls dream and men fantasize… Yet it’s a job like any other, with its advantages and disadvantages, its clichés and realities. The daily life of flight attendants has little to do with the image that’s made of it. Myth 1: stewardesses are all beautiful young women FALSE. The average age has gone […] network