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7 Myths and Realities of Flight Attendants Job

It makes little girls dream and men fantasize… Yet it’s a job like any other, with its advantages and disadvantages, its clichés and realities. The daily life of flight attendants has little to do with the image that’s made of it. Myth 1: stewardesses are all beautiful young women FALSE. The average age has gone […]


Passenger Service Agent: Interview With an Expert

Passenger service agent – For the past two years, Rodrigo has been working in customer service for a large Canadian airline. His role is to greet passengers at the Montreal airport to check in their luggage then direct them to their seats to board the plane. But especially, the responsibility falls to him to redirect […]


Drone pilot: an assured future

Drone pilot – According to a study carried out in 2014 by Unmanned Systems Canada, the potential for the drone market (procurement and operations) is between $100M and $260M over ten years. Already used a great deal in the military field, drones are likely to experience rapid growth in the commercial sector. But beware, piloting […]


Air Traffic Controller or IRF Controller Career Overview

Air traffic controller, often known by the name IFR Controller, coordinate the safe and efficient movement of aircraft between airports. This means that they safely guide pilots at considerable distances. Area Controllers use monitoring displays, flight data processors and communication systems to ensure safe separation of aircraft. They work from one of the seven Area Control […]


Airline Pilot Profession — Career Overview

Flying among the clouds, piloting a Boeing or an Airbus: the airline pilot’s profession is a dream. But on the ground, this position requires taking on major responsibilities and having highly technical skills. How do you become an airline pilot?  What qualities are required? To learn more, we interviewed Maher El-Moussa, captain for a major Canadian […]


Air Ambulance Pilot Profession — Career Overview

The pilot of an air ambulance is responsible for air transport of people living in remote areas experiencing an emergency situation. He must therefore provide safety, piloting and implementation of missions of repatriation to a hospital. In the aircraft, the air ambulance pilot works closely with the nursing staff. To find out more, we interviewed […]


Canada’s aerospace industry has the wind… beneath its wings

A 2017 report by the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) provides a flattering picture of the aerospace industry at multiple levels: contribution to the GDP, jobs/wages, Research and Development, world ranking, partnerships, etc.   Aerospace in Canada in a few figures The aerospace sector in Canada […]

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Delta receives 22,000 applications for 300 flight attendant openings

Delta Airlines received no less than 22,000 applications for 300 cabin crew openings in one week, “at the rate of 2 CVs per minute”, reported the American company’s CEO. In 2010, the company had received a similar tsunami, with 100,000 applications for 1,000 openings advertised. US Airways experienced a similar phenomenon with 14,000 applications for […] network