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Bombardier Sells its Piping Division to Lauak, its Subcontractor

At the end of August 2018, after nine months of negotiation, Bombardier chose its boiler parts subcontractor – the French company Lauak – to take over its aviation piping and tubing business. The contract will allow the Canadian company to refocus on its core business and the French company to have a foothold in North […]

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Aerospace Is Mobilizing for Candidates With a Disability

In recent years, various players in the aerospace sector have been in the lead with initiatives to help people with a disability maximize their potential and skills with aerospace manufacturers and builders.     Portrait of the disabled employee In recent decades, the concept of disability has evolved somewhat. The medical model – which took […]

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3D Metal Printing in Aerospace

In the last few years, 3D printing has experienced a real turning point with additive metal printing. Customized manufactured parts, light weight, reduction of costs and lead times are among the factors that have led aerospace participants to get into 3D metal printing by taking on partnerships with specialists in the field.    Evolution of […]


Weather Satellites Have the Wind in Their Sails

After MetOp-A and MetOp-B, launched in 2006 and 2012 respectively, on November 7, 2018, MetOp-C successfully completed a flight on board the Russian Soyuz rocket from the French station of Kourou. On board are nine instruments, including the IASI – a little technological gem – which will carry out a long-term mission (climate change) and […]


Air traffic control is being modernized

The time seems to have finally come for air traffic controllers to modernize their pilot communication systems. Although innovations have been rare in this profession for more than 60 years, they are now becoming pressing to respond to ever-growing air traffic, due in particular to the lack of construction of new airports.     Portrait […]


Air traffic faces projections of strong and… debatable growth

Many studies conducted both by airlines and international air transport organizations agree that passenger air traffic is expected to double between 2010 and 2035, with average growth of 4.7% per year. Behind these figures are not only regional disparities, but also assumptions, some of which might questionable.   Asia leading the pack Airbus, Boeing, the […]


A New Generation of BioFuels for the Aviation Sector

Faced with increased air traffic and the environmental commitments taken by governments and enterprises, airlines are redoubling their efforts to be able to propose new sources of hydrocarbons, which are not only green but also meet the various very strict aeronautical constraints.     Portrait of the situation The aviation sector has clearly identified the […]


Technosignatures, or the search for traces of… advanced life

The eternal question posed by Man about life outside our planet seems to interest NASA in 2018, but from a somewhat different angle. It is no longer just about finding, here or elsewhere, evidence of microbial life, but rather evidence of relatively advanced life that can create technology. What is NASA’s goal? What have been […]


Artistic Satellite or Ephemeral Art in Space

In November 2018, a new kind of satellite will be orbiting the Earth. An artistic satellite named Orbital Reflector will play in the big leagues where military, scientific and commercial satellites have rubbed shoulders for nearly 70 years. What will Trevor Paglen’s work of art look like? What is the meaning of this action? Is […]


Technology to Support the Boom in Airport Traffic

Facing the prospect of exponential growth in air traffic in the coming years, airports around the world are seeking to improve management of passenger flows while maintaining a high level of security. Before discovering some of the technological innovations serving airports, let’s take a look at the sector’s growth projections and the key challenges to […]


Space Army — Military Strategy or Political Gimmick

Thirty-five years after US President Ronald Reagan’s desire to “master space to counter any Russian attack”, Donald Trump announced on August 9, 2018, that he wants to create a Space Force to monitor and protect American satellites. Is this a military response to a real threat or just electioneering?   A project in the image […]

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A Shower of Shooting Stars on Demand – It Can Be Done!

A Japanese company has embarked on the original project of artificially creating showers of shooting stars from space. When entering the atmosphere, tiny balls ejected from microsatellites will illuminate the sky and offer an extraordinary show 100 km in all directions.    The genesis of the project In 2011, Tokyo University astronomer Lena Okajima decided […]

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