12 tricks on how to find a job using LinkedIn

In 2003, LinkedIn saw the light of day and, from that point onward, it became indispensable for job seekers… if they know how to use it.

On LinkedIn, there are  millions of companies and  millions of members. But, how do we expand our network without losing ourselves in the biggest professional, international network?

  1. Thinking about your network is the first thing to do. You are now “” So, you should attract the right people and build a strong network. In this sense, spare no effort and do not hesitate to ask for recommendations.
  1. Completing 100% of your profile is vital. LinkedIn always asks you complete it by adding elements. If people consulting your profile have all your information on hand, your employment opportunities will be maximized.
  1. Searching other candidate’s profiles in your field is a useful way to position yourself in the market. Take notes and select profiles that you consider “ideal”. Also, avoid other’s mistakes.
  2. While roaming your competitors’ profiles, take advantage, and compile the keywords and expressions employed. Afterwards, select the most relevant profile to base yours on.
  1. The online professional title appears at the top of your profile on the right of your photo. Strong, effective, and direct: it should summarize who you are and your skills. Take advantage by visiting others’ Be creative, but professional.
  1. You should not neglect your photo either. You need a photo as professional as you. Even if some fields have “open” presentation standards, the creativity of your photo should not exceed your personality.
  1. In a flash, we want to extract your vast skills. Don’t skimp on the skills and aptitudes, even if you consider them unrelated to your desired job. Ideas? Quick execution, analytical abilities, or critical thinking.
  1. Your career and summary is found beneath your photo. This should be well constructed; simple and effective are the words of the day. Add examples of your projects to attract the recruiters’
  1. Include URLs to your portfolios, presentation files, blogs, personal sites, or any other pertinent links that can improve your visibility.
  1. Make sure your profile’s URL is as simple as possible (your name for example) and include it on your CV, cover letters, job searches, and correspondences.
  1. There are more than 1.5 million LinkedIn groups. No doubt, many align with your interests and field expertise. Subscribe to some and participate.
  1. An outdated profile will not serve your purposes if you are looking for a job. You must consistently add new content, most recent projects, and new connections. LinkedIn is a living network; it needs to be fed.
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