Aircraft Maintenance Engineer/aircraft Maintenance Technician (AME/amt)- Structures

June 15 2024
Expected expiry date: July 31 2024
Industries Public administration
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Ottawa, ON • Full time

We are looking for an Aircraft Structural Technician to work within the Structural Integrity team of the Aerospace Research Centre. This position will support applied research in the areas of structural full scale testing, component testing and material testing as it applies to aircraft life extension and certification. The Aircraft Structural Technician would be someone who shares our core values of Integrity, Excellence, Respect and Creativity. 

You will be responsible for leading practical test activities from test set-up to test tear-down in the Structural Integrity Test Facility including facility preparation, test rig set-up and alignment, test article configuration and inspection, control system setup and calibration, data acquisition system setup, calibration and data collection, test operations including operator training, and functional supervision. These responsibilities are carried out for all types of projects performed by the Structural Integrity group. The cost of these projects can range from a few thousand dollars taking hours or days to complete to multimillion dollar projects taking several years to carry out. Tests are carried out on a wide range of test articles ranging from simple coupons to multimillion dollar military fighter aircraft.  

Duties will include: ensuring that the test specimen / aircraft is in the prescribed configuration for testing.  This includes responsibility for ensuring that all of the aircrafts systems and components are installed correctly, including specified torques, clearances, preloads and adjustments, according to Canadian Forces Technical Orders and agreed test procedures and specifications. 

The incumbent is required to review the inspection requirements prepared by the Inspection Task Leader prior to each inspection.  Determine and ensure that appropriate access to internal aircraft structure is provided to enable the performance of predetermined inspections during test down times. 

Carry out preparation of detailed instruction and parts breakdown illustration packages, to accelerate the re-assembly process after each inspection shutdown. 

For each necessary specimen / aircraft teardown, scheduled or unscheduled, the incumbent must review and ensure that all disassembly has been reinstated to the specified configuration. 

Ensure that all mechanical loading systems are returned to test status and are functional.  

The incumbent must certify to the Project Manager through his signature on the Test Stop/Resume Authorization Form that the re-assembly has been performed properly and that functionality has been confirmed at the end of each specimen / aircraft teardown. 

In addition, requirements above the incumbent must certify to the Facility Manager through his signature on the Test Authorization Documentation that the assembly/ re-assembly has been performed properly and that functionality has been confirmed at the end of each specimen / aircraft teardown.  

You will also be required to collaborate directly with senior personnel, project managers as well as external clients.

Government of Canada

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